Saturday ride for June 9th, 2018

t is time for some tempo riding and what  great terrain we have for this! We have a short and long route scheduled. The short route will venture north via Coburg and almost make it to Harrisburg before circling back for a 40 mile “lollipop” route with only 400 feet of ascent.
The Long route will be a “100k” at 62 miles and just 1000 feet of ascent heading northward to  Coburg and Gap Road, then weaving  south towards North Coburg Road for a “lollipop” route back into town.

*When deciding on which route to do remember the shorter routes are designed for the beginner and intermediate riders of the club, usually falling into 16-18 and 18-20 mph groups. If this is your speed, we recommend choosing the shorter route. If you are on the cusp we recommend that you try to go a “group up” on a flat ride day.

**Remember all details about group riding speeds can be found online on (Our website).

Click here for Ride Details!

See you at Tacovore, leaving at 9:30am!

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