EV Saturday Ride for July 28th, 2018

Time to get your BUTT on!…Butler that is!

This week for the short route we will shadow the long route for the first 17.5 miles over Central into Crow for a short steep climb before heading back towards town on Crow Road. We will snake through the small rolling hills of Erickson and Spencer Creek, heading up Lorane back into town for 35 miles and just over 1300 feet of ascent.
The long route will continue our Vaughn Road from Crow into Noti. From there we will give the troops a choice of Knight Rd or Poodle Creek to ride on towards the Butler Road Climb. After Butler Road we will weave back into town via Kirk Road and the normal passage ways. You can plan on 57 miles and just over 2000 feet of ascent.

Bring plenty of hydration  and electrolytes. It will be warm! Temperatures will most likely be in the low 80’s  near finishing time.


Click here for Ride Details!

See you at Tacovore, leaving at 9:30am!

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