EV Ride for Saturday June 30th, 2018

Dillard and Bear Creek 2 Route Option

Bring on the great weather! 80 Degrees and sunny is in the forecast. Use sunscreen and be well hydrated. This week both groups will head up Dillard road for a beautiful climb. After the Dillard climb the SHORT route will have a relatively flat rolling ride back into town via Cloverdale, Mathews to Seavey loop and back into Springfield along the Bike path. This route will be 34 miles and about 1000 total feet of ascent.

The Long route will be a bit different then we have ever done. We will head out the same way but venture into Creswell via some new routes and then on to Howe Lane. From there we will head north on River Drive towards Bear Creek Road. Having unfinished business, we will go to the top of Bear creek to where it turns into gravel, before heading back down. Then on to Enterprise road and Evandale before heading up Wallace Road for more unfinished business and exploration to the end. When it turns to gravel, we will head back into town via Weyerhauser and Clearwater trail to Doris Ranch. You can plan on 55 miles and 2500 feet of Ascent.

Thank you to ALL of our Ride Leading Team for your continued support in our two route option.  It is a growing success!

See you at Tacovore, leaving at 9:30am!


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