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EV Saturday Ride for September 18th, 2021

Mckenzie Long w/rain alternative Routes The weather is forecasting rain, but we know how early in the week predictions can go, so we will keep or fingers crossed for holes in the forecast! There is a chance Steve Lamper may not be there.  It this is the case, self organize and
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EV Ride For September 11th, 2021

Crater Lake Not happening Due to Smoke, BUT EV Ride Is! DILLARD TO DORIS VIA WEYERHAUSER The weather is expected to be PERFECT! We have some climbing with about 1900 feet of total ascent and 45 miles of riding.  As always, meet at Tacovore. The ride starts at 9:30 AM.
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EV Saturday Ride For September 4th, 2021

A Few Little Bumps Around Town This week we will start September off with Shorter miles but more climbing.  We will be visiting the local hills, a few of them done in a less traveled direction. You can plan on 36 miles and approximately 2200 feet! There are a few bailout points
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EV Saturday Ride for August 28th, 2021

Tour De Creswell…Sorry No Bakery This Time! Looks like a perfect day for a ride! This Saturday we will head south to Creswell and do the Saginaw loop and come back Sears Rd with only one short hill climb back up DIllard into Eugene.  You can plan on 48 miles and
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TACOVORE TO REEDSPORT….AND BACK?!! EV Saturday ride for August 21st has 2 ride options. On this day we will be doing something completely different for a club ride.  Options 1 is an out and back from wolf creek and option 2 will be a supported ride to the coast and back with specific
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EV Saturday Ride for August 7th, 2021

  Fox Hollow is Overdue! This Saturday we will be visiting our long lost friend, Fox Hollow. From there we will head down McBeth out towards Doane then back on to the Crow Loop and Home!  This is one of the more Beautiful Climbing Routes. You can plan on 44 miles and
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Mckenzie Long Reverse A hot day deserves some good shade! Come join us on a popular route done the less popular way. We will be heading out the Mill Race Bike route to Old Mohawk and then Mckenzie. Come join us for 38 miles and 1000 feet of total ascent.
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EV Saturday Ride for July 24th, 2021

ONE HELL OF A SHORT RIDE! It has been a long while since the club has had a climb day, so here it it. We will keep it short and to the point. The point being, climbing! We will visit same favorite local climbs on this route, suck as Lorane,