Finally after a several months of isolation we are able to feel  confident about opening our rides again. We hope everyone is healthy and ready to ride. There are some new basic guidelines for the short term that we need to implement. Some of them are a continuation of the rules in place just before we shut things down.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, Please avoid group rides with the club:
-Runny nose(Know your nose!)
-Sore throat
-Difficulty breathing.

We do realize that runny noses often times can be allergy or exercise induced, so please be courteous to your fellow cyclists when blowing your nose. The following rules for blowing your nose in a group ride:
-Move to the back or the group to blow your nose. Then work your way back in to pace line respectfully.
***-SPEED GROUPS WILL BE 5-10 PEOPLE MAXIMUM, depending on total number of people participating.***

The weather forecast is for chance of rain, but it is actually looking better as we approach the weekend, so we will keep or fingers crossed! The route is Mckenzie long, but if the clouds part some people may want to add Marcola. That will have to be a game time group decision. NOTE: Maps supplied do not reflect Marcola. You can plan on 35 miles and 800 ft of ascent. If you add Marcola you can plan on 50 miles and 1200 ft. of ascent.

Do not forget fenders and buddy flaps!

See you at Tacovore, leaving at 9:30am!

Enjoy the ride!

Click on link for ride details!

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