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We are a non-profit bicycle club, created to bring together every cyclist in this community. Our goal is to be the catalyst that joins all of the cycling clubs and teams in our area, while giving everyone great reasons to belong. Eugene Velo’s rides so far have seen participation from virtually every team, club and bike shop affiliation we know of in Eugene, Springfield and Lane County. We’re not looking to replace your group- we just want to bring all of us together. There’s no reason why we can’t share a ride now and then, is there?

We’ll function as the main club for a lot of riders who aren’t currently enrolled in other clubs, and that’s great! Those who already don a different jersey can become a club member or simply drop in on a ride. We all benefit just from knowing each other, and we become better cyclists by sharing our knowledge, our friendship, and our time.

Eugene Velo Rides

Eugene Velo weekly organized rides, highlighted on our calendar and Facebook page, are open to anyone from any club or any team. Our friends are your friends. Club or no club, team or no team, we invite you to ride with us. We like you because you like biking! That is what we all have in common. Let’s tear down the walls,  meet some really great people, and mostly… let’s ride!

Eugene Velo rides are described thoroughly including rider ability levels described here. Ride specifics are posted for each ride or group on our community ride calendar, with descriptions of routes and skill/average speed level. You can count on regular regrouping on hilltops or prearranged points on the ride. We’ll talk about it when we meet to ride, eh! Whether you’re just getting started with group rides or you are a destroyer of Strava segments we have organized rides  for you to enjoy.

Why Join?

We’ve got  a lot to offer, including email notifications about upcoming rides that feature great details like a graphed profile and downloadable gpx track for your Garmin or GPS unit. You can join today by ordering our swanky new club jersey or complete club kit! Or for just 20 bones, we’ll get you in for a year. You can swing that. Our sponsors are coming through with other great ways to sweeten the deal. You can check out more details here.

Other rides in the community

Eugene Velo doesn’t host rides daily, but we can help you find a ride on almost any day. If you’re struggling to make a 15mph average, or you’re faster than Jens Voigt we will always have a full slate of choices posted on our community ride calendar, including recurring weekly rides as well as one-time events and annual traditions! We strive to promote the majority of regularly scheduled rides at bike shops and other clubs as well as more spontaneous meet-ups and related activities happening in the local area. Check our calendar regularly, and please let us know if you’re planning an event that we should post.

Mohawk Valley 100K - A Ride To Benefit Oregon supported living program ​brought to you by Eugene Velo

Mohawk Valley 100K

A Ride To Benefit Oregon Supported Living Program

A special thanks to all who dedicated their time and effort to make Eugene Velo’s Signature Event of the Year a success. To the brave and dedicated riders who came out despite an especially nasty day in May, you earned special congratulations! Thanks to you from all of us at Eugene Velo and OSLP!


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