Fox to Fox (New Starting Format Arrive Early!)

Fox to Fox

Fall is closing in on us and it is starting to show. Lets keep our fingers crossed for continued great weather!  Come out and ride.
This week we will head up Fox, down Mcbeth, towards Briggs back to Lorane and head back into town from the backside of Fox. Bring your climbing legs for this one! There will be 45 miles with 3000 feet ascent.

Also this week we will be officially starting our staggered ride speed groups from the start. It is very important that you be to the start early (10 minutes minimum) in order to line up with your appropriate ride group. The groups will be leaving sharply at 9:30 AM. To help you identify your ride group read the following descriptive taken from our website:

“Road Ride level ability defined by Word Descriptive: Expert, Advanced, Intermediate and Moderate.

What do we mean by these ride levels – are these supposed to be the same as my Strava or Garmin average speed? No! Eugene Velo’s speed categories are defined as the pace that you can pedal on a flat road sustained for 20-30 minutes by yourself.

For example: If you can ride at a 16-18 mph pace on a flat road, sustained for 20-30 minutes by yourself, you will be okay to ride in the 16-18 mph group and most likely be able to ride in the 18-20 mph group if you are experienced in riding in groups already.  Furthermore, most people will show a lower overall average on STRAVA by a 1-2 mph once they have completed their ride.

On the above example with STRAVA the following is most common to occur:  A solid 16-18 mph rider will show 14-15 mph average on a completed ride on STRAVA and even slower depending on the amount of hill climbing.

EXPERT/OPENS Group: 23 mph Plus
ADVANCED Group: 20-22 mph
INTERMEDIATE Group: 18-20 mph
MODERATE Group: 16-18 mph

Complete Ride Info for every Eugene Velo Ride is posted days ahead of time (emailed to members) so you have time to view the map, elevation and ride descriptions. Most routes are identical for every speed group, which gives you the opportunity to try a more advanced group if you’d like. If you find that you have trouble keeping up, you can wait for the next group to catch up, and continue riding with them. Ride leaders are trained to take a count and regroup at hilltops or other predetermined locations. We ask that you let your ride leader know if you want to drop back to the next group so everyone can be accounted for. We don’t want anyone to be left behind!

For Mountain Bike Rating it is much harder to categorize due to trail difficulty and individual rider skill level and endurance. Most Mountain bike rides are No Drop with several meet up points. Always check with your ride organizers on the conditions first to be safe.”

**Remember all details about group riding speeds can be found online on (Our website).

Click here for Ride Details!

See you at Tacovore, leaving at 9:30am!

Enjoy the ride!

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