EV Weekend. 2 Days Of Riding!

Labor Day Weekend Two-fer! Road and Gravel!

DAY 1:  It is Labor day already! Lets take advantage of this great weather while we still have it. We have planned two days of riding. Saturday we will do our best to make Summer last with a long, somewhat flat ride heading out crow with a big loop on Territorial to Lorane looping back to Crow. This is a 49 mile loop with 1200 feet of rolling hills. Don’t panic, it has over 14 miles of bike path! This is the “short route”! Yes, you heard us right! The long route will do much of the same but add a Vaughn/Bolthon HIll/Central loop, then continuing back on course for 64 miles, and 2200 feet of ascent.

DAY 2:  If that wasn’t enough for you we have an Epic Gravel adventure planned for Monday. This will an ADVANCED gravel ride and self supported. You need to be able to ride within reason the speed of the group. This will be STEEP and REMOTE terrain. There is always the possibility that we may have to turn back because of road blocks. We have done much research and believe the 3rd time is the charm on finding the pathway through (fingers crossed!).  Our goal is BEAR MT. (The Towers). We will be leaving from Steve and Kirsten’s House in Creswell at 9:30 AM. We will travel south to Dorena Lake via road and bike path for approximately 17 miles. Then most of the ride will be gravel and that is when the climbing begins.  The climb will ascend rapidly with 3000 feet in 8 miles. We will have to climb over a few barriers after the summit. Then it is mostly all down hill! “Letr’ buck!” You can plan on 29 miles and 3700 feet of ascent.

Click here for Ride Details!

Saturday is Tacovore at 9:30 Am as always and
Monday is 1024 Ruby Clair Dr, Creswell at 9:30 AM.

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