EV Saturday ride for August 21st has 2 ride options. On this day we will be doing something completely different for a club ride.  Options 1 is an out and back from wolf creek and option 2 will be a supported ride to the coast and back with specific stipulations SO READ VERY CAREFULLY

THE PLAN:  We will have our Eugene Velo bus doing SAG ONLY for a two day trip on an epic beautiful back roads adventure to the the coast. On this day, we will have no real ride leaders , but bring a friend and download the map and lets have some fun! We will have water and refreshments and some small food items. The club day ride will be an out and back to the top of Wolf Creek. This will be approximately a total of 52 miles and 2200 total feet of ascent. The bus will be at the top of Wolf Creek with water and refreshments.  If you plan on doing the short local ride, you will only have support at the top of Wolf Creek. After that you will be on your own.
There is a $20 cost payable to EV  bus driver to cover his time and gas expenses. There are several local hotels and or campgrounds in or near the downtown area of Reedsport. We suggest calling as soon as possible.  The bus has room to the overnighters for a small duffle bag for each person. Please note, ***DO NOT COUNT ON THE BUS FOR YOUR TRANSPORTATION HOME***  it is SAG only.  Have a ride pickup if you only plan on going one direction.

***PLEASE NOTE: The “To Reedsport ride” is an advanced ride. Do not do this ride if you are not confident you can do it in less then 6 hours and or on your own.  If you are a slower rider, this may not be the ride for you.. The Bus will be staying with the nucleus of the riding group***

As always, see you at Tacovore at 9:30 AM!
Click here for ride details!
Enjoy the ride!

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