EV Saturday Ride For September 25th, 2021

Almost Brownsville All the Way Harrisburg

This Saturday we will be doing a very popular flat and long ride. Well, kind of flat if you cut off the Brownville section which some may do. The long route will turn RIGHT at Diamond Hill Road and head up Gap Road for some additional miles. You can plan on 67 miles and about 1000 feet of ascent.  If shorter is what you want, then turn LEFT at Diamond Hill Road and you can plan on 40 miles and next to no climbing. So take your pick, Right turn Long on Diamond Hill, Left Turn Short.

The weather is looking great for Saturday. Bring plenty of hydration and electrolytes!  We are hoping for a good turn out.  Please have the map downloaded and ready to go. Hopefully we have enough for all 3 speed groups. Tell a friend and lets have some fun!

As always, 9:30 AM start time at Tacovore.
Click here for ride details!
Enjoy the Ride!

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