EV Saturday ride for October 12th, 2019

Eugene Velo’s First Ever “River Cruise”!

Come join us this Saturday for our first ever “River cruise” route. We will be supporting the full spectrum of speed groups, from 16-18 on the short route to Opens on the Long route. **Note: There will be NO support for 16-18 on the long route. Both routes will start by heading out along the Southwest side of the Valley River trail then loop back heading out to Doris Ranch. Once arriving at Cleat water Park, the LONG group will venture on towards Weyerhauser then out to McKensie View and back on the Valley River bike path. The SHORT route will turn around at Clear Water and head back via Mill Race bike path. This route route is 95% bike path at 27 miles and just over 600 feet of total ascent. The LONG route is 44 miles and just over 1200 feet of ascent.
See you at Tacovore, leaving at 9:30am!


Click here for Ride Details!

Enjoy the ride!

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