EV Saturday Ride for June 29th, 2019

Butler or No to Butler?….That is the question!

This Saturday we have a ride not for the faint of heart if you don’t like steep segments. Fear not though, we also have an alternate flat route for those not wanting this kind of pain!

The Long route will be 58 miles and 1800 feet of ascent. What makes this route a little bit challenging is we will be heading up the steep side of Butler for a half mile of steep fun! After that it is all easy roller coaster like fun!
If you are looking for something a little more tame, you can take on the shorter route that offers up 42 miles and 500 feet of total ascent.  Did we mention the shorter route goes by Camas Bakery? Well, yes, it goes by the Bakery, bring money and an appetite!
Click here for Ride Details!

See you at Tacovore, leaving at 9:30am!

Enjoy the ride!

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