EV Saturday Ride for June 20th, 2020

Three Routes to Suit your Fancy!

As we we try to get things moving again the weather is definitely working to our advantage. We will have 3 distance options for this route. We are not up to full “Ride Leader” capabilities so we ask that our NEW smaller group format of 5- 10 people self manage and look out for everyone in your group.
The groups will head out Fern Ridge bike path, then Crow to Doane, Territorial and to the Town of Crow. It is at this point the route will differ depending on your motivation. Please look at the map details for a route that best suits you.
***Remember, if you are a slower rider and you are going long, you may be doing it alone depending on participation. So, bring a friend to ride with.

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, Please avoid group rides with the club:
-Runny nose(Know your nose!)
-Sore throat
-Difficulty breathing.

We do realize that runny noses often times can be allergy or exercise induced, so please be courteous to your fellow cyclists when blowing your nose. The following rules for blowing your nose in a group ride:
-Move to the back or the group to blow your nose. Then work your way back in to pace line respectfully.
***-SPEED GROUPS WILL BE 5-10 PEOPLE MAXIMUM, depending on total number of people participating.***
-Groups are expected to self manage and  watch out and help fellow riders until we can get our Ride Leader Teams back on schedule.

As, always, 9:30 AM start time at Tacovore.

Enjoy the Ride!

Click here for ride details!

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