EV Saturday ride for July 20th, 2019

Hills or More Hills?

We will have two climb route options this Saturday. Both will be challenging yet fun. The first shorter route we will head out Lorane, to Bailey Hill, To Gimple come back Spencer to Lorane then take a right turn and head up McBeth for the final kick home via Fox Hollow.  If you do not want to end with Mcbeth, you can always head back via Lorane for a 28 mile ride. If you decide to stick it out you will have a 35 mile ride and be rewarded with 2500 feet of climbing!
The Longer route will start the same as the shorter route but will be making a turn right at Briggs Hill and then continue back via Lorane and Fox Hollow for 45 miles and 3200 feet of ascent. If you are a die hard and want even more climbing you can throw in a McBeth down and up into the Fox climb for an additional 6 miles and 800 feet.
Which ever you decide bring lots of hydration and snacks it will be warm! Have fun and be safe. Remember all new safety rules apply!
See you 9:30 AM at Toacovore as always!
Enjoy the Ride!

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