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EV Saturday Ride for June 12th, 2021

Le Tour de Creswell A fun BIG route is in store for us this weekend. It will be 49 miles with 1800 feet of ascent.  The weather is looking to be perfect!  Come out and join us! If 49 miles is too much, bring a friend that wants to shorten
Rolf Prima - Eugene Velo Cycling Club, Sponsor

EV Saturday Ride for May 29th, 2021

DILLARD TO DORIS VIA WEYERHAUSER Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Lets not forget why we have this weekend when we go out to exercise our freedom to ride. The weather is expected to be on the warm side so bring plenty of hydration. We have some climbing with about 1900 feet
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EV Ride for May 22nd, 2021

Coburg, Mt. Tom a Bit Different Fingers crossed, it is looking like the weather is going to hold for us with comfortable temperatures, so lets go out and play! This will be a rather flat ride, except for the one short climb, known as Mt. Tom Road. Once you get
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Eugene Velo Saturday Ride for May 15th, 2021

Fox Hollow is Overdue! This Saturday we will be visiting our long lost friend, Fox Hollow. From there we will head down McBeth out towards Doane then to Central.  This is one of the more Beautiful Climbing Routes. You can plan on 46 miles and about 2300 feet of ascent. The
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EV Saturday Ride for May 8th, 2021

Great Day For a Scenic Ride! This Saturday we will ride around Fern Ridge . You can plan on 46 miles and 700 plus feet of total ascent. This is a beautiful scenic route and the weather is looking promising!  We hope to have all three speed groups. Bring a
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EV Saturday Ride for May 1st, 2021

“Mcbeth I Hear You Calling!”…. Come ride with us! Keep your fingers crossed for great weather!   We will be heading up Lorane then peddle up McBeth.  We will then head down Fox to Lorane and out Territorial to Briggs, and Crow for a 40 mile ride that will have 2100
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EV Saturday Ride April 24th, 2021

Camas Bakery Ride/Limited Ride Leaders. ***Because we are still in the Pandemic stage of riding and the weather is said to be “RAINING” this ride will have limited groups and the day will be a  “show up and ride” format for yourself or with people you want to ride with.  There
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WELCOME BACK! Saturday Ride for April 17th, 2021

WELCOME BACK! LETS RIDE! Finally this day has come. With much anticipation we are excited to announce Eugene Velo’s Return to Saturday Group Rides!  We hope everyone is healthy and ready to ride. There are some new basic guidelines for the short term that we need to implement. Some of
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Eugene Velo Possible Return

When Is Eugene Velo Saturday’s Going To Come Back? The number one question asked when the weather starts showing signs of warmth is “when are Saturday rides going to come back?”.  As much as we would like to be able to predict the future we would like to lay down some general