Bike & Safety Info

How we keep it safe

This is what you can expect if you do an organized ride with Eugene Velo.

  • If you want to ride with a group, come to ride with a group. NO HEADPHONES. It is dangerous not to be able to communicate with your fellow cyclists if they need to shout out warnings and sudden changes in road conditions.
  • Yes, we do welcome recumbents, mountain bikes, but NO elliptical ( blocks forward view of road in peleton). Tandems welcome as well. Just remember what ever you peddle that you are capable of maintaining the designated club ride speed for that ride.
  • If you use a time trial bike or tri bike with aero bars, please no use of those bars in group rides. Triathlons and time trial bikes are designed for individual events and have no place in a tight group because of lack of maneuverability
  • Please Stay on the right side of the center line. It is the LAW!
  • Audible with hand warning signs for obstacles in the road is required for group rides. Respect your fellow riders and they will respect you.
  • Even though the law states it is ok to ride side by side, respect all users of the road and ride single file where there is no bike lanes designations. We do not need to be “DEAD RIGHT!”

As a club member or a guest please respect our club safety rules. We are all here for the love of cycling. Lets make it a long, fun life of cycling for all of us!

See you in the Saddle!



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