To celebrate our extended weekend the club is organizing two rides. The first one will be Saturday around Fern Ridge Lake. The second one will be a destination ride up Mckenzie Pass.

We will head out fern ridge for a two route option. The long group can expect around 54 miles and 1500 of ascend. The short group can expect 42 miles and 700 feet of ascend. *Keep in mind that 12 miles of both routes are heading out and back on the bike path for an easy warm up and cool down  for 6 miles in both directions.
**When deciding on which route to do remember the shorter routes are designed for the beginner and intermediate riders of the club, usually falling into 16-18 and 18-20 mph groups. If this is your speed, we recommend choosing the shorter route. If you are on the cusp we recommend that you try to go a “group up” on a flat ride day.
See you at Tacovore, leaving at 9:30am!

We will meet at the Mckenzie River Ranger Station at 9 am on Hwy 126 about 1.5 miles west of Hwy 242. This ride will be non-supported an have NO assigned ride leaders. Every person for themselves. So bring all the  appropriate gear and friends to make your day a fun one!  Some of the group will head over to Sisters for lunch then peddle back. Some people will just peddle to the summit then head back. The Summit ride you can plan on 50 miles ( of which 25 is descending.. fun stuff!) and 4500 feet of climbing. The Sisters route and back is about 80 miles and 7500 feet of climbing.

***Remember all details about group riding speeds can be found online on EugeneVelo.org (Our website).

Enjoy the ride!


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