New Leaf

EV Saturday Ride for May 1st, 2021

“Mcbeth I Hear You Calling!”…. Come ride with us! Keep your fingers crossed for great weather!   We will be heading up Lorane then peddle up McBeth.  We will then head down Fox to Lorane and out Territorial to Briggs, and Crow for a 40 mile ride that will have 2100
Co-Motion Cycles - Eugene Velo Cycling Club, Sponsor

EV Saturday Ride April 24th, 2021

Camas Bakery Ride/Limited Ride Leaders. ***Because we are still in the Pandemic stage of riding and the weather is said to be “RAINING” this ride will have limited groups and the day will be a  “show up and ride” format for yourself or with people you want to ride with.  There
Tacovore - Eugene Velo Cycling Club, Sponsor

WELCOME BACK! Saturday Ride for April 17th, 2021

WELCOME BACK! LETS RIDE! Finally this day has come. With much anticipation we are excited to announce Eugene Velo’s Return to Saturday Group Rides!  We hope everyone is healthy and ready to ride. There are some new basic guidelines for the short term that we need to implement. Some of