New Leaf

EV Saturday Ride for August 3rd, 2019

Lorane/McBeth/Dillard and the River Tour We are deep into Summer now with our first August ride of 2019! We are always looking for new ways to do some of the same great roads, so this week we have done it again! Get those climbing legs working, gotta get them strong
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EV Saturday Ride for July 27th, 2019

Lorane and Doane then Home! This Saturday we will do a very popular road, but approach it in a less popular direction. We will head up Jefferson to Lorane then weave our way over to Doane then return on Lorane. You can plan on 38 miles and 1800 feet of
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EV Saturday ride for July 20th, 2019

Hills or More Hills? We will have two climb route options this Saturday. Both will be challenging yet fun. The first shorter route we will head out Lorane, to Bailey Hill, To Gimple come back Spencer to Lorane then take a right turn and head up McBeth for the final
New Leaf

EV Saturday an Sunday July 13-14th, 2019

  2 Days 2 Different kinds of Fun! Our Saturday club ride will not disappoint with a local favorite. We will head out to Bear Creak via Clear Water trail and Mill Race. This is a beautiful route that will end with a short but  disciplined climb up Dillard and then back